Live Streaming

Live Streaming

We stream HD quality and 4K video from single-camera input to multiple camera inputs from one location to different locations. Our professional approach with the higher-end equipment helps the stream to reach the audience in real-time using their gadgets such as TV, Playstation, Computer, Laptop, Mobile phone, and iPad.

Our Video mixing process includes Video content, graphics, the logo of your business or institutions, title or name of the person, etc., Our setup can integrate live chats and social media viewer count list.

Just imagine, you can broadcast your meeting to your follower list and can answer their instant question as a comment simultaneously. Yes, it’s possible with our latest live streaming technology and techniques.

Why do you need to choose a live streaming service from Gravity upon Photographer?
How are we differentiated in our technology?

Streaming the video live is a common term. The information mentioned above about our live streaming service depicts as of others in the industry. However, we need more strategies to engage the audience of the live streaming over the stream. Our experienced team members are trained and experienced in handling the audience and suggests the host make more attritive content to engage a higher number audience.

Is our service sounds good? We have more for you!

Again Imagine, if you could make a virtual reality for the meetings or the events. It means that you are experiencing something that’s happening next to you immediately with digital sound quality.

We specialized in capturing virtual reality live streaming across the world with very little latency and higher crystal-clear quality of audio and video. These techniques make the people have a better experience than being in less physical distance.

Give us a call. Our professional team is happy to assist you based on the requirement.

We are happy to attain success for your event with our own experienced live streaming team and our experienced team members.

Other Key Benefits:

1) We help you in planning your events.
2) We provide higher security video transmission by providing a username and password to access the content.
3) We help to integrate the live streaming with your website.
4) Video on Demand helps the audience to play the video at their convenience using the provided link.
5) We can provide an email campaign for sharing the link.
6) We can telecast the single-stream across multiple platforms simultaneously.
7) We can travel anywhere in Australia to provide live streaming services.

We cover a wide range of events such as the educational sector, Corporate sector, Fine Arts such as digital paint shows, Music events, wedding and dance events, etc.

Looking to conduct a wedding event or Music event at your place with limited technicians or looking for collaboration works. Please have a look at our website virtual wedding online for more details. We are happy to be a part of your wedding to make a huge success.

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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