Real Estate Videography

Real estate video is one of our most popular services. Our clients use video as a “virtual tour”. Buyers like videos because it gives them an immersive experience, much more than two-dimensional photos. Also, the video guides the buyer through the main selling points of the home, rather than just a bunch of photos without any context.

Sellers are more likely to list with agents that offer video as part of their marketing repertoire. Adding video as part of your marketing strategy sets you apart from your competition and gives you an edge to grab that big new listing.

From your creative call to post-production, our team of experts ensures we capture your brand, personality, and listings as beautifully as possible. We help Melbourne’s top real estate agents, brokers, and property management companies get results with video. Whether your focus is commercial, residential, or luxury real estate, we’ll help you get more listings, sell properties faster and grow your brand.

Win more listings and sell properties faster with video graphics property. These are much more than just walk-through videos. These are highly creative films that highlight your property, its amenities, and neighborhood. Perfect for residential, commercial, and rental property listings

This type of real estate videography is a 2-to-4 minute video designed to sell the property. Real estate professionals have realized, just as other business professionals have, that nothing sells quite as effectively as video. 80% of those looking for a new home watch video home tours online. This type of real estate videography provides a personal profile about an agent or real estate company. Potential clients view these videos, as well as recommend them to their friends. A video can easily set you apart from competitors in a large market. 40% of those seeking a home watch video testimonials about the agent or company with whom they are working.

Our real estate video production team brings luxury properties to life with the highest-quality HD digital videos edited for web, mobile, social media, and more. We use only the latest pro digital cinema technology, stabilization tools, and exciting editing techniques to create video content that can seduce luxury-minded audiences and elevate your distance-selling chances.

Our creative team of real estate listing video makers serve owners and brokers of residential and commercial properties and bring expertise to every dimension of real estate video production. We look for the sweet spot where creative success meets cost-efficiency to give you the best product you can afford. This can range from a single-cam walk-through to an immersive, 3D effects, motion graphics, original music and multi-cam real estate photography.

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